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Calgary, Thursday April 11, 2019


Alberta Party Candidate Andrew Bradley is unique

This morning’s CBC coverage about the provincial election candidates in the Calgary-North West constituency noted that four candidates have recent ties to the UCP making it not so ironic that the campaign literature of NDP candidate Hafeez Chishti has a picture of Jason Kenney on it.  Though highly unlikely for there to be such an opportunity for an NDP candidate in this fairly conservative riding, wouldn’t it be ironic if the constituency had someone cross the floor in the opposite direction to that of Sandra Jansen. 

Andrew Bradley on the other hand, the only other candidate who has been actively running a campaign in the constituency, was a PC member when the vote happened for unification with the Wild Rose.  Rather than continue with the newly formed UCP he chose to join the Alberta Party in 2017.  He engaged with the Alberta Party’s candidates for the leadership contest that fall and winter and cast a vote.  He has been firm about saying that under no circumstance will he cross the floor to another party.

There are other unique qualities about Andrew among the Calgary-North West candidates who are running campaigns:  Andrew is the only one of them who is under forty-five years old, being in his early thirties and a young dad of two girls.  He hasn’t only considered oil production from a theoretical standpoint, but has been actively overseeing electricians and instrumentation professionals on a portion of an active oil production site north of Fort McMurray.  When he’s at his home base in Calgary he spends a lot of time driving his oldest daughter to and from dance in the Royal Oak community.  

“We don't need to choose between supporting the oil and gas sector and healthcare.  We should not deal with the economy in an isolated way that trades it for the well-being of the seniors that built this province and the youth that are Alberta’s future, we can have both.  For months I have been speaking with thousands of people throughout the constituency of Calgary-North West.  Our party's plan for practical policy changes, strategic investment and commitment to education and the public healthcare system are what constituents are telling me they're looking for when I'm at their door.

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