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Calgary, Tuesday January 22, 2019


Alberta Party Candidate Andrew Bradley on Sandra Jansen’s withdrawal from candidacy

“In light of Honourable Sandra Jansen’s recent decision to withdraw her candidacy in the upcoming provincial election, I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her seven years of service on behalf of her constituents.  At this time there remain two nominated candidates including myself for Calgary-North West. 

“I look forward to a healthy, issues-based campaign.  Political discourse of late has at times included vitriol, personal attacks, and politics of fear and anger in place of putting forth solutions to the issues we face as Albertans.

“I welcome the opportunity to make a positive contribution to political discourse in the coming days and weeks.

Media Inquiries:

Amy Shantz                                                                                              

President, Alberta Party Calgary-North West Constituency Association 
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Calgary-North West