About the party

The Alberta Party is guided by a Mission, Vision and Principles which draws members who share these - Andrew Bradley is one of those who strongly identifies with them.  With these in mind members have voted on policies which guide the formation of the party's platform and framework by which position statements on specific topics are developed.:


We will form a government committed to diversity, integrity, transparency and collaboration. As leaders of positive change, we value inclusiveness, ideas over ideologies, and champion economic, environmental and social responsibility.


We will:

  • Model responsible and ethical government.
  • Generate and implement practical, constructive solutions through listening, citizen engagement, evidence-based policy and building common ground.
  • Tackle tough issues facing Albertans by examining root causes and maintaining a long-term view of prosperity and sustainability.
  • Act as guardians of the public interest.
  • Conduct ourselves in an open, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Steadfastly refuse to engage in short-sighted, politically motivated, partisan politics.
  • Provide economic, environmental and social leadership in order to benefit Alberta, Canada and the world.

The supplementary principles are posted here.

The policies were updated at the policy convention in October 2018 and are posted here.


Jobs First PlanWelcome to Alberta Program, Film in Alberta, Refining and Petrochemical Development, Roads and Futures / Autonomous Vehicles, Forestry, Railway to water, Agriculture, Alberta Internet, Family Farms

Children First PlanAlberta Health Care - Child's dental,Vaccinations, K-12 Education Plan, Educational Assistants

Health Care, Supporting Seniors Independence, Post-Secondary Education, Indigenous Reconciliation Plan, Digital ID & App, Sexual Misconduct, Opioid Crisis, Non-ProfitsAlberta Justice System, Alberta Crime Plan Mobile Home Tenancy, Accessible Alberta 

Environment & Carbon Tax, Greater Calgary & SE AB Flood Mitigation, Extended Producer Responsibility

- More platform announcements to come shortly!!

Position Statements: 


The Alberta Party will provide open and transparent government, encourage public debate and inclusive policy making, and collaborate with other levels of governmentThe Alberta Party has a priority and history of supporting MLAs to represent the interests of their constituents above set party positions.

Indigenous RightsFrancophone Rights, Commitment to the Chinese Community, Carbon TaxHealth Care

Join us as we build an Alberta ready for the next century, together.

Calgary-North West